my most favourite and best...

As I mentioned last week, I have soooo many gorgeous photos from our holiday, so I thought a fun way to share them might be to show some of my most favourite and best bits through pictures - starting with this, from one of our most exciting moments...

I know its totally daggy - but I just love my Danish royals!

Mum and I spent two nights in Copenhagen, with a very close eye on the news for any sign that the twins were on their way, so we were very excited to hear that Mary was in labour on the Saturday morning.


After a stroll through a very frosty Nyhavn we visited (a very icy) Amalienborg before heading back to the station for our train to Odense.

As we walked into RĂ„dhuspladsen (city hall square) the good news was up in lights, hooray - a prince and a princess!! =)

pic from Billed Bladet

Like I said - maybe its a bit daggy, but I think it was SUPER exciting!