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Hurrah - look what I bought today!

Of course we had this book growing up, and spent so many hours admiring the cakes and trying to decide which cake we would have next birthday.
I've been looking for a copy of my own for years, but they never seem to pop up in second-hand shops - possibly something to do with the fact second-hand copies have been selling on e-bay for over $50! - so you can imagine how excited I was to see it was reprinted!

Whilst the poster says available now at newsagents, I should warn it might be tricky to get your hands on one - both newsies I tried in the city yesterday were sold out, and this was the last where I bought it too (apparently they were only delivered on Friday, and sold out already!), so keep your eye out for a restock =) (they'll be in Big W in March too).

Now I just need an excuse to test it out!!



  1. oh cool, does it have the piano cake in it? Mum made that for me for one birthday, and fancy cake making was not really her thing, it was such a special effort. And I don't think there is a single photo of it either.

  2. What you have to love about reading blogs is that your blog friends let you into secrets like this, like nobody else in the world does. Thanks for the tip ...

  3. Oh, I loved this cookbook as a kid. I wanted the ballerina cake. I'm going to have to go and find me a copy. *fingers crossed*

    Did you know the Woman's Weekly celebrated 50 years this week in Canberra. Wish I had've known in advance, would have loved to have gone to the event.


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