pattern fever!

Maybe it's the fact that I seem to have missed a whole summer of shopping (the forecast is for 27ish degrees the next few days here, but summer frocks have made way for winter coats in the shops!) or whether its the inspiration from Zoe and her me-made-may-ers, but I seem to have pattern fever at the moment!

I did buy a few newies at 50% off last week, but now I can't stop thinking about this one...

I'd do it in something floral - the look on the envelope is a touch too school-girly for me - but I do think it's so cute!

I've made a deal with myself that I can think about getting it if I sew two garments from patterns I've already got... wish my self-discipline luck!



  1. Oh this is the one you emailed me about! I love it! Do we need to have a sewing challenge weekend so you can justify getting this pattern? I have two things cut out and no sewing done yet. Keen to have a crack if you are!

    Actually, I think this dress would look pretty fab in a light tweedy linen. Maybe a blue-grey chambray? Not so schoolgirl, I think. But floral would look fabulous too.


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