Monday, March 07, 2011

basic skirt muslin

I posted on Thursday that I had finally broken out the Cal Patch book and got to doing some pattern drafting, so I thought I would share the week's progress.

This is the muslin I've sewn up using my self-drafted pattern for the first project in the book - the basic skirt.

ok, so I look a little grainy, but hopefully you get the idea =)

Overall I'm actually pretty pleased with how it came up on the first draft & sew!
It is a little big in the waist - I think I'll fix this by increasing the darts in the front, rather than bringing it in at the side seams any more - I want the skirt to fall fairly straight from the hip (rather than a-line) so I think there is enough of a curve over the hip is already.
Hopefully this will take care of the wrinkles across the front there too (I think that's mostly how I'm holding it.)

The actual drafting was really easy, and quicker than I expected. The instructions in the book were super clear, and I was able to draw up the pattern in about an hour after dinner one night, and the cutting and sewing of the skirt in about the same amount of time the following night.

Hopefully I'll have a finished skirt to show soon =)

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