Friday, March 11, 2011

grey circle skirt

Taadaa - a new skirt!

The pattern is Simplicity 4236 the same as the purple circle skirt.
I have worn the purple one to work a couple of time, and it is so nice to wear (and quick to make!) that I was keen to whip up another one.
And this was a very quick finish - I didn't bother with a zip (I can put it on over my head easily enough) and did a very rough zigzag stitch hem on the top and bottom just by eyeing it. You can see the result of this is that the bottom hem it a bit stiff and kind of sticky-outy, but I kind of like that =)

The fabric is some kind of super cheap drapey grey suiting-y kind of stuff. Despite the soft drape in it I'm not completely happy with how it falls from the hip - it kind of sticks out a bit around the seams.
I tried to insert pockets in the sides, but they were just to bulky (in a place where I really don't need more bulk!)

I cut this out earlier in the week, then sewed it all up last night.
Just in time too - I was in desperate need of a new me-made work skirt after wearing my black one for 4 out of 8 work days in me-Made-March so far!
I am keeping up with the challenge - check out a round-up of my outfits below.
Click on the day links below to have a closer look at any of the pics, and for details of what I'm wearing =)

1. March 3, 2. March 4, 3. March 5, 4. March 6,
March 7, 6. March 8, 7. March 9, 8. March 10

Taking the photos has just about been the trickiest bit! I've been taking so many each day to try and get something where I look remotely normal - and as you can see from those shots I'm not quite sure I've achieved that anyway! haha

I have plans for at least one more circle skirt really soon, then I might revisit an old nemesis!



  1. Dude, why be normal when you can just be YOU?!?

    I think all your me-made looks have been tops. Oh - and I bought a stripy cardi and I'm thinking of calling it "The Bron" after you and all your great cardis. you've inspired me.

  2. I have that pattern. I must use it one day!

  3. Loving the pics - made me giggle Bron and much better than those awful, fully posed and styled shots!


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