Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scandinavian Bookfair :: goodies

The Scandinavian book fair yesterday was excellent! The gardens of the Swedish embassy are so pretty they would be a perfect venue for any even, and luckily the weather held up so it was lovely and sunshiney.

We arrived just as things were starting to finish up (we're not morning people on the weekend. actually, we're hardly even early arvo people on weekends), but I still managed to get my hands on four lovely new books - three in Danish, and one in Swedish.

I just had to have the two at the front for their gorgeous illustrations! At the back, the big book has lovely coloured photos of Denmark, and the lyrics of traditional songs, and the smaller book is about art.

They fit perfectly on the shelf I have dedicated to danish books, right between danish design and the royal family! =)


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