Monday, March 14, 2011

Sydney - eats

I've you've been hanging around here for a little while then you probably know that a trip anywhere for me is at least a bit about the food!

These are my highlights from our weekend in Sydney

Saturday night ice cream and tea at passionflower
cookies and cream with passionfruit gelato, and rose grey tea mmmmm John, on the other side of the table, had summer fruit crepes with passionfruit sauce - delish!

Sunday breakfast at Fountain 77 in Glebe
Rome omlette (with chorizo, fetta and spinach) and lovely buttery toast!

The food and service were perfect at both, and the Fountain 77 is in an old home which is just beautiful.

I have written before about how I'm never quite sure where to go for cafes when I'm in Sydney, so staying in Glebe this time was a very pleasant discovery. Food and bookshops is pretty much weekend for heaven for us, and it was lovely to have such a good range of choice for both!
Top of the list to try for next time is Sappho Cafe, which is hidden at the back of the book store we were browsing at yesterday =)

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  1. I've never stayed in Glebe, but I think I want to now! That omelette/baked egg dish looks amazing!


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