Sunday, April 17, 2011

Creative Collective

Have you met the creative collective? You can read all about it here, but basically the creative collective is like a virtual craft group where everyone is invited to share something they've created, in any medium, inspired by a nominated theme.
This month's theme is Easter and the blog has been full of gorgeous eggy and bunny(y) inspiration - so much so that I just couldn't stand it any more and simply HAD to join in!

I'm starting off with something chocolatey! I've been absolutely obsessed lately with chocolatey sweet/salty desserts. I think it started with salted caramel recipes seeming to pop-up all over the place, then chocolate dipped pretzels with peanut butter sandwiched in between. I thought the peanut butter was a bit over the top, but when I ran out of pretzels before the melted chocolate was used up, and I had left over fried noodles from last weekend's mouse bikkies, I decided to mix up a batch of 'spiders' according to the recipe on the back of the noodle packet.

They were gone before I could photograph them, so this arvo I whipped up two batches of 'nests'- one with white chocolate and the other with dark - with mini jellybean or mini m&m 'eggs'. Although the white chocolate ones look a bit odd, they are BOTH delicious - I think the m&ms are better than the jelly beans though!
If you're interested, the 'recipe' (as well as being on the noodle packet) can be found here.

Hop back for some more Eastery projects during the week!


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  1. I'm loving your salty sweet experiments in the kitchen. Am so inspired to make some chocolatey pretzels!


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