Saturday, April 02, 2011

Me-Made-March wrap up!

March is all over (two days ago! April already!!! Really?) and I am excited to report I managed to stick to my goal of wearing something me-made every day for the whole month!!!

It was actually easier than I thought - except on those days where I didn't leave the house at all, and would usually just hang about in my pjs or trackies. Seeing so many lovely flannels appearing in the fabric shops in the past few weeks I'm actually thinking I might whip up a couple of pair of pj pants for myself anyway!

It was also more fun than I expected - I really enjoyed 'meeting' other sewers over at the flickr group, and came away with loads of new inspiration every day. And let's face it - it's always nice to get compliments from like minded people! =)

Maybe the most fun bit was doing something like this with a friend - Michelle and I texted each other pics of our outfits every morning, and it was nice to be in touch with her every morning like that, to check out new bits of sewing or accessories, and have a bit of a laugh about the faces we made in some of the pics! However, like her husband, I think my guy was sick of taking pics of me every morning too haha!!

Here are the pics - click on the date underneath to see the pics bigger over at flickr.

Me-Made-March 2011
1. March 1, 2. March 2, 3. March 3, 4. March 4,
5. March 5, 6. March 6, 7. March 7, 8. March 8,
9. March 9, 10. March 10, 11. March 11, 12. March 12,
13. March 13, 14. March 14, 15. March 15, 16. March 16,
17. March 17, 18. March 18, 19. March 19, 20. March 20,
21. March 21, 22. March 22, 23. March 23, 24. March 24,
25. March 25, 26. March 26, 27. March 27, 28. March 28,
29. March 29, 30. March 30, 31. March 31

I wore a skirt and cardigan nearly every single day in March. Actually, at the moment I'm ok with never wearing pants again (except for lounging about at home, I mean!) especially now that I have a few pairs of lovely boots to wear with skirts! I've spent years trying to find pants that fit me nicely, and I am completely over it. During my holiday there were very few days where I wore something a skirt and tights with boots, and if I can do it in wintry Europe, I'm not worried about being to cold here! Plus skirts are so easy to sew that I feel like I can dress more like me! =)

I'm thinking about continuing to have a regular me made day, maybe weekly - I do still have that skirt cut out and not quite sewn up yet, so hopefully you'll see that soon! =)



  1. Nice work making it a whole month! It's been good seeing your smiling (or quizzical or pensive) face in my feed reader every day :)

  2. I'm with you on the pants thing. I'm totally in love with skirts now.

    So glad we made it, and together! I really missed not texting you yesterday morning! I almost did anyway, just because.

  3. I have really enjoyed your MMM. I have lived vicariously through yours and Michelle's MMM as I couldn't join in. I LOVE your green cardi and skirt!!

  4. I'm seriously impressed with you and Michelle getting through Me-Made-March! I loved seeing your outfits every day, and you guys even convinced me to dust off my sewing machine again!


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