Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prins Vincent & Prinsesse Josephine

I'm sure by now everyone has caught up on the latest Danish Royal news, but I'm posting about it anyway!

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The royal twins were christened on Thursday:
Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda.

I watched live on the Internet, first with the stream provided by DR and then (when DR crashed under the pressure) through a Swedish news site.
It is just so nice to be able to follow an event live like that all the way from the other side of the world - I love the Internets!!

The gorgeous official photos from the christening are available on the Crown Prince pair's website, and there are loads of lovely pics from the event here.

Image from here

It is an exciting few days for the Danish Royal family, with the christening just a few days before Queen Margrethe's 71st birthday, which is today, and Princess Isabella's birthday next Thursday.

Also on the topic of the Danish Royals - and I'm not quite sure how I've neglected to mention this yet - has anyone been watching along with The Kingdom - Behind the Scenes?

SBS have been showing this behind-the-scenes of the Danish Royal Family at 8pm on Friday evenings, with episodes also available to watch on the SBS website for one week after they are on tv - last night's episode (which was episode 4) is here. In case you missed the first 3, the DVD will be available from June 1.

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And just one last royal tidbit - during the week I discovered a lovely newish blog dedicated to sharing news about the European royal families - The Royal Correspondent - check it if you're interested, as I am, in keeping up with what's going on in the royal houses. There is a wrap up of the christening here, and it's bound to be busy over there in the next little while, with that wedding next week, and a royal wedding in Monaco in June!


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