Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick 5 :: blog hop

I'm running a bit behind this week (I think it was the extended footy round that threw me off!!), but I couldn't let this week's quick 5 theme - 5 newest favourite blogs on your must-read list - go by without posting mine!

Cushion & Cake - Pamela is preparing to open her own tea room and has been blogging her plans and inspiration since last April. Yesterday she announced her opening date - next Saturday - and I can't wait to see how it goes!

17 and Baking - Elissa is 19 and is an incredibly talented photographer/baker/writer - I love popping over to see what she's been cooking up, though to be honest I can't decide whether it's the food, photos or gorgeous writing that keeps me coming back!

Gnome Angel - Hi Angie! I love reading the Gnome Angel blog - the posts are frequent and cover diverse subjects, so I always feel like I'm discovering something new. Plus there are loads of links to follow for crafty (and shopping!) inspiration =)

Hey there Alice - I have been friends with Jo for a few years now after meeting through Brown Owls. Her blog is almost brand new, but is just lovely! I am loving reading about Jo's seasonal quilts - and am totally inspired to try something similar myself!

zilredloh - I think I first came across Liz's blog when I was checking out some of the gorgeous coats that were sewn up during Gertie's Lady Grey sew-along (Liz's is here - isn't it lovely?)
I love visiting zilredloh on account of the warm and friendly writing, beautiful stitching and the fact that Liz is just about the cutest sewer I think I have ever come across on a sewing blog!

Pop over to Gnome Angel if you'd like to share the your latest top 5 must-read blogs!! =)


ps. photos from my Mum & Dad's garden on the weekend - we had the most beautiful weather, and everything looks incredibly lush with all the rain they had over summer!

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