Thursday, July 14, 2011

creative space :: gingerbread take 1

Another day at home today, but will be heading back to work tomorrow!
I was feeling much better this afternoon so decided to kick off my hunt for the perfect gingerbread (am I the only one who feels better after a bit of baking?) - starting with this recipe from Melbourne Epicure, recommended in the comments yesterday by Cam (thanks Cam!).

These were pretty tasty, but weren't quite as gingery as I would like, and were a bit too crisp biscuity, rather than soft like I'm looking for. I will be keeping the recipe in mind though for if I want to make cut-out biscuits for decorating because they held their shape really well.

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  1. They look delicious. You know that once you perfect them, Brown Owls is the perfect testing place....

  2. I never think to make them except around Christmas time. Yours sure looks yummy :)


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