Friday, July 22, 2011

Mollie Makes

Everyone has probably seen this already, but I love it so I'm posting it anyway!

After seeing the cute video I was obsessed with hunting down a copy of Mollie Makes magazine, and when I managed to get my hands on an air freight copy of issue 2 about a month ago I loved it so much I subscribed right away.

(I don't even like fruit, but I have such an urge to crochet those apple cosies!!)

Issue 1 has just popped up in my local newsies - in greater numbers that the air freight copies were (my local only got 2 copies of the air freights!) - so now is a good time to go and hunt it down if you're interested!

I do love a magazine, and as well as being super pretty each issue so far has had loads of lovely projects - issue 3 has the pattern for the fairy tale embroidery on the cover of this book, which I almost bought last week! - and interviews with clever crafty people! Ooh, and free project kits! You can see what people are making from the patterns on the Mollie Makes projects flickr page.

I can't wait for issue 4 to arrive - it has the pattern for those undies flashing dollies in the video =)


Also, I am so going to Bath next time I'm in the UK!!

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