Monday, August 22, 2011

Suzy's showcase

Yesterday I had the pleasure of popping along to Suzy Hausfrau's yarn showcase and launch lunch to see all those lovely yarns in person. And, even better, I got to have a squeeze (or cop a feel!) of each and every one - believe me there are some amazingly huggable yarns in her store!

I brought home these lovelies from BC Garn's Semilla range (in colours ob108, ob122, ob110 and ob101). It was so hard to decide what to get - I think when I find the perfect pattern I'll have to knit myself up something in the gorgeous silvery grey Silkbloom Fino and the baby alpaca just felt soooo soft!

I forgot to take any pics on the day (hence the shot above on the sill of my desperately needing a clean window!) but there are some great ones on Suzy's blog and also here and here.

Thanks for a gorgeous lunch Suzy, and all the best with your store - I look forward to discovering many more beautiful yarns as they arrive on you (virtual) shelves! =)



  1. It was such great fun. I'm just sorry I got too distracted by yarn and food to take more photos! (Would have loved to have taken more enormous ones of your head, for instance. I know you LOVE those!)

  2. What beautiful looking wool, I love looking at it all stacked up so nicely!!


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