Sunday, September 25, 2011

in September I am reading...

eeeep, I feel like I'm squeaking my September reads in just in time - I know it's such a boring thing to say, but I can't believe next week is October!

Anyway, a bonus to having been home sick last Monday was that I spent the morning in the lovely spring sunshine with Jinxy finishing Earthly Delights, and over the past few days have started in the second book in the series -Heavenly Pleasures (they're actually about food, fyi!)

I've also been reading the latest Mollie Makes admiring my two newest sewing books - Fabric for Fashion, and its bff Fabric for Fashion The Swatch Book - which all arrived in the post during the week. (Tilly wrote a great review of the Swatch book here, if you're interested!)


I'd love to hear what everyone else is reading this month! Leave a comment, or a link if you post on your blog, to let every one know what you're up to and join our bloggy book club for September!!

Enjoy your reading!!



  1. I've been reading "The Monthly" and "The Finkler Question" (I hated this book by the way). Next month, I'm reading "The Happiest Refugee" - Anh Do for my bookclub. I can't wait to read this one!

  2. Just posted :)


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