Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Melbourne weekend

It's been a wee bit mad around here lately - we've had a sick kitty (she's fine - just naughty, really!) and - this weekend - water coming up through the drains in the bathroom (just from the washing machine, thank goodness!) Luckily we also had a fabtastic weekend in Melbourne in between to keep us sane! =)

There was footy (natch) and victory drinks - both our teams won (yay!) - and lunch with family and icecream in the sunshine

There was lovely food and evening walks along the yarra and breakfast at federation square and a tram rides!

We also had the most fun you could ever have buying jeans - Dejour jeans in Brunswick - $40 a pair, and worth it just for the entertainment!
The store motto is "Good Jeans. $40. We make them fit. For free. You go on hot date". Do check them out if you have the chance! =)

more pics from our weekend here =) xo


  1. Your piccies are amazing! Sounds like - apart from the water & kitty issues - a great weekend.

  2. Oh, gorgeous photos - the whole set!


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