Tuesday, November 08, 2011

In November I am reading...

A bus trip to Sydney is the perfect opportunity to get some serious reading done, so you can imagine how impressed I was on Saturday morning to discover I had left my current novel on my desk at work! Whilst we seem to have about eleventy billion books here it was super hard find something to take in it's place - it had to be soft cover, long enough to last the trip in both directions, not too long so I can get back to my other book soon, not scary, and so on.

Eventually, under the advice of the guy, I decided on Truth - a crime novel set in Melbourne by Australian author Peter Temple. I'm finding it fairly blokey, but compelling - I'll definitely be reading it all the way through, and probably checking out some of Temple's other books too!


What are you reading this month? Let us know in the comments, or leave a link if you post on your blog, to let every one know what you're up to and join our bloggy book club for November!!

Enjoy your reading!



  1. I'm reading Jane Lynch's memoir "Happy Accidents". It's a hoot, just like she is. And then I have Steve Martin's new novel lined up ready and waiting ...

  2. I'm reading the biography of PM Joseph Lyons this month.


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