Monday, November 07, 2011

Sydney weekender

We went on a little road trip to Sydney on the weekend to see An Ideal Husband at the Genesian Theatre.

We had lovely weather - and Sydney was beautifully purple with Jacaranda trees in full flower - like this one outside Town Hall (or go here for a much better picture than the one I took on my iPhone while crossing the road!!!)

It was a quick trip (we caught the bus there on Saturday arvo, and home Sunday lunchtime), but as well as the play we did manage to squeeze in a few things - like shopping at Kinokuniya, and onion rings at I'm Angus at Cockle Bay Wharf (the food, and the service, were fabulous!).

We had excellent eggs for breakfast at the cafe in our hotel this morning, and since we were staying on Pitt Street it would have been rude not to pick up some take-aways from Cupcakes on Pitt to bring home on the bus - cupcakes AND macarons!! =)

For the record, I didn't think the macarons were quite as good as the ones I got in the Royal Arcade when I was in Melbourne, but the packaging is super lovely.

This was my third trip for the week (after a day trip to IKEA last Saturday, and an overnight to Melbourne for work on Monday) - so I'm looking forward to taking it easy at home this week, and maybe even getting some crafty things going!


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  1. Looks like a lovely weekend, Bron! I love An Ideal Husband but haven't seen the play, only read it, and the movie of course. Those macarons look divine. D x


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