Friday, December 02, 2011

2 :: crackstars

I'm not really sure what these are called - around the internets I've seen them called moravian stars, froebel stars or German stars, and I like the Danish flettede stjerner (natch) - but here we've taken to calling them crackstars as they seem to be just a touch addictive to make.

Tonight I had a friend over for a gingerbread fuelled folding session.

I'm going with mostly traditional red and white, but I also cracked open some of the special papers I bought in Denmark last year - lovely foily silver strips and also these pretty ones with text and patterns printed on them.

If you're interested in making some crackstars of your own there is a great pdf instruction sheet here, and also lots of videos like the ones on this page to help you out.
I bought star paper (you need four long strips of paper for each star) from Starcrosses on Etsy, and whilst I haven't shopped there I have also noticed the Starcraft also has a good range of colours of paper, in a couple of different sizes.

If you do try your hand at star folding I'd love to hear how youu go!



  1. Are you going for a record! They're beautiful. I love the text ones! Very special.

  2. That silver one looks like a really well made and particularly beautiful crackstar.


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