Sunday, January 22, 2012

In January I am reading...

We're not having long 'school days' kind of summer holidays this year (quite the opposite actually - it's a very busy time at work, so I have spent most days this month doing at least some work at home) but I think my reading material this month does have a lazy summer holiday feel to it.

I've got a couple of books from previous months that I'm finishing up (I know - my attention span is appalling) beside that I'm reading...

The end/start of the year is such an inspiring time in blogland as people review projects past and plan for the year ahead. I've discovered loads of new (to me!) gorgeous blogs the last week or so - three of my favourites being:

Also inspiring in summer is all the amazing fruit and veg that's around.

I've been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of delicious produce overflow from friends - which has me dipping in and out of my Canberra Gardener and Sally Wise books as I plan both what I'd like have in my garden next season and how to preserve the excellent summer flavours in my fridge now!


What's on your summer holiday (or cosy inside by the fire for our northern hemisphere friends!) reading list? Join in with our bloggy book club by letting us know in the comments. Remember to leave a link if you post your current reads on your blog too!

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  1. Sally Wise is regularly on the radio here on Saturday mornings. You could listen on the internet!! I've not been reading much as it has been too hot.


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