Friday, January 27, 2012

The muppets movie

We went to see the muppets movie this afternoon - a birthday treat for the guy.

The movie was lots of fun, but the best bit might almost have been Amy Adam's amazing wardrobe!

Look at the sleeves on this dress:

And the colour in this outfit:

I think this was my favourite - the bodice is reasonably plain (with cute pintucks) but I just adore the flowers around the skirt!

I definitely wasn't the only one distracted by the wardrobe during the film - I came across a number of blog posts on the very same issue, which also have pics of the other outfits (I also love the blue and yellow one!) including here, here, and here. Gorgeous!



  1. Lovely stuff. I often get distracted/inspired by clothing and knitwear in movies.

  2. Yes, I have seen her wardrobe being lusted after o other sewing blogs. I think her clothes are lovely!!


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