Monday, January 09, 2012


I've been lucky enough over the last few weeks to get my hands on some gorgeous home grown produce - rhubarb and eggs, and now some amazing enormous yellow zucchinis! (Very exciting, since both my plants appear to be duds - loads of flowers but no fruit =( strawberries about the same!)

So far from my 2.5kg of zukes I've made zucchini slice (nice, but I think I'd prefer half tasty/half Parmesan cheese), zucchini pickle (I think I've mentioned before how much I love Sally Wise?!) and of course you simply can't have a zucchinipalooza without at least one batch of zucchini fritters!

I went with a recipe that has feta in it - and added some peas and corn to the mix. These were a pretty big weekend lunch hit!

I'm still planning to try this zucchini bread and/or these zucchini & carrot muffins - unless someone has a different recipe I should try?



  1. Mmmm, those fritters look great! I've added that recipe to my list of new things to learn to cook this year, tuna and rice can only get me so far :)

  2. Nom. Huge zucchini fan unlike most of Canberra at this time if year.


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