Wednesday, February 22, 2012

golden cherry salsa

With all the sunshine and rain we've been having here, my tomatoes are doing pretty well just now.
In particular the golden cherries have been great - I've been picking 10 or so a day, which is way more success than I've ever had before!

To make the most of them we've been making lots of really simple recipes that let their sweet tomatoey-ness shine through - like cooking them down just a little with some onion and a touch of garlic then serving over pasta with some (also from our garden) basil.

Last week we had this delicious fresh salsa  - the golden cherry tomatoes (and a pink one - not quite as prolific as the yellow cherries but tasty none the less!) with red onion, green capsicum and coriander, with a drizzle of olive oil and squeeze of lime juice (I wish I've thought to add some corn! next time for sure!). Served with some corn chips and a mashed avo it was just the thing for a Friday evening in front of the footy. =)

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