Monday, February 27, 2012

green russians

I'm totally in love with my homegrown tomatoes at the moment, and the golden cherries I posted about last week aren't the only heroes - check out these black russians on the way!

I haven't had any fruit ripen on this plant yet, but there are about a dozen little guys growing. I can't wait for them to start changing colour.

I am really fascinated by the shapes and textures of the different kinds of tomatoes. These guys start off kind of velvety, and then grow big and shiny (this one here is about the width of a tennis ball!).
The mini-romas are really cool too - perfect little green eggs hanging on the vine.

I'm already looking forward to planting other interesting varieties next year - happy to take recommendations if you know of any cool ones! =)


ps I'm not the only one obsessed with the tomatoes here - Max has been keeping an eye on things too! =)


  1. A friend has been growing Black Krims, and they are amazing - huge, dark purply red beasts. And they taste so good.

    Our best growers this year are the ferals that pop up - this year we have Tommy Toes and Pot Toms. In the past I've grown Burnley Surecrop and Rouge de Marmande really well, and Black Russians too.

    Your toms look amazing! Nice work~!

    1. Thanks! I hope they don't get upset by all the rain this week! And thanks for your suggestions! The Rouge de Marmande sounds especially good - it would be great to have an earlier season/cooler weather ripener!

  2. We are on our third generation of Beam's yellow pear tomatoes from the Digger's Club and they have been prolific fruiters. They fruit for a long time too, last year we were still picking tomatoes in early May!

    Same as Michelle, our ferals and Tommy Toes have been great producers also.

    There is just nothing better than a home-grown tomato!

    1. oooh thanks - yellow pear tomatoes are so on the list! It's handy to know where you got yours, and to hear that you've had success with them too! =)


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