Monday, February 13, 2012

sprinkle invites

After the fun I had making my Christmas party invitations I was extremely excited that afternoon tea yesterday gave me an excuse to try out some more!
My Christmassy invites had a row of bunting stitched on, which I was a bit in love with (even if I do say so myself - and even if you can't see it in the pic on the blog!), so I knew I wanted to do something like that again this time.  I was popping around the internet for inspiration when I came across Mikaela's invites which were very like what I wanted to do!

It was also the perfect opportunity to use my excellent Martha Stewart cupcake punch! The pretty card I punched the cupcakes from was some I already had at home from a bargain pack scrapbooking papers - I used it to make the paper bunting I hung around the room too.

It was really surprisingly difficult to find 'kraft' card - I found this at Spotties on a hot tip from Mikaela. It came in longer rectangles to be folded into square cards which I cut in half - I rounded the corners by hand, but I think I might have to invest in a corner rounding punch for next time.

The fabric bunting is the same gorgeous Nicey Jane Picnic Bouquet by Heather Bailey that I made my new tablecloth from - I have been in love with this print ever since Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch used the cream based one for her  Perfect Spring Dress (so beautiful!) - so I was thrilled to pick up a few metres on super sale at my local fabric shop! 
I picked the colours for the other decorations from the fabric - I knew I didn't want to do too traditional 'boy blue', and the blue, yellow, and green is just so fresh and pretty!

There were a few things I might do a teeny tiny bit differently if was making them again, but I was actually really very pleased with how they came out - they're pretty cute, non?!



  1. Very cute! Actually - more than cute. You are a very talented Kuka.

    1. Thanks dude! I couldn't do it without the inspiration I get from my super clever and amazing friends (like you PS!) x

  2. These look AMAZEBALLS! Love the bunting. I'm thinking about trying to make some fabric bunting for a room in our house... (maybe out of some yellow, black, white and grey themed fabrics...) and these invites just get me itching to make it now!
    Love the cupcake punch as well! Nice work, looks like a lovely afternoon. You're a great friend.

  3. Thanks! =) I love bunting! I've had paper bunting up in our loungeroom for about a year now which has been great - really cheap and easy to make. I'm going to make some fabric bunting soon though - also in grey, white, yellow, and black! I bought a pack of 'triangle charms' from spotties in the same fabrics as the fat q bundles I showed you - there are 120 triangles already cut so should be quick and easy =)


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