Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sprinkle makeover

Because I'm still so excited about how my living room looked done up for arvo tea I just had to post a before and after for the festive transformation ;o)

Here's the before

It's all still red and white from Christmas time! I know! All my other decos are put away, but the red and white is so cheerful, and not really too obviously Christmassy, so I kept it around!

I do all my sewing at the dining table, and I'd been on a (another!) bib making binge so that's my pattern on the chair there. It is very handy to have space right there for the ironing board.

Now for the after!

Of course there's the new Nicey Jane tablecloth to in place of the red & white polka dots (which I also love!)

I've replaced the Christmassy paper bunting with green, blue, and yellow. I've had paper bunting up in this corner for about a year now, and I LOVE it. It's easy to swap out for something new (which I've done a couple of times) and is super quick & fun to make.
I used scrapbooking paper from a pack I bought extra cheap somewhere, which I cut into triangles (I made mine about 4inches across and 5 inches down) then threaded onto bakers twine using a wool needle. I did think about punching little holes to thread the twine through, but by poking the holes through with a needle the hole stays small enough that you can space your triangles apart and they stay put (does that make any sense at all?). 

Using the scrapbooking paper meant I could make the bunting and invites match - I also punched some extra cupcakes from the same papers and popped them in a frame for baby's room (you can see the framed cuppies in the pic of the table I posted on Sunday - on the left near the flowers =)).

I think tissue paper pompoms look gorgeous (they feature quite a bit on my party-type pinterest boards!), so I couldn't resist adding those to my decorations too!
Again - these are really easy and totally worth trying yourself if you love them too! I made these myself (on Thursday evening =)) using this tutorial from Martha Stewart.  In a $2 pack of tissue paper there were enough sheets to make at least 2 big poms and a little one.
These will probably also make it to baby's room eventually - for now I'm still enjoying them here in the loungeroom! =)

I'm not sure whether you can see them right at the back behind the cuppies, but I also happened upon coloured noodleboxes on sale (like $1 for 4!) at sparties last week in just exactly the right blue and green! These were just the perfect size for everyone to take home a cupcake and some sweet goodies for later!

Also probably tricky to see in these pics is the flowers (please excuse the dodgy zoom & crop! Next time take more pics, self!) I didn't have time to pop past my favourite florist on the weekend, so I picked these up at the supermarket.  The flowers were lovely, but the boxes were a bit mad - bright purple, green, and pink stripes - with very pink tissue paper. I cut away the pink tissue, wrapped the loud boxes in plain brown paper and re-stuffed around the flowers with tissue paper leftover from my pompoms and added a tag stamped with my new kikki.k greeting stamp set =)

Phew - sorry, I didn't mean to bang on so much, but it was really so much fun to decorate and hold a special afternoon tea like this that I just had to share it all!
I just might have a food post or two left in me too!



  1. I'm so impressed. The transformation is amazing (it matches your blog!)

  2. It was seriously awesome dude (that's my best Keanu impersonation I just realised)....and really purdy too!

  3. It is a beautiful transformation and extra special because of all your wonderful creativity!!

  4. Looks just gorgeous Bron! I love the Nicey Jane tablecloth- I made Abby a quilt from Nicey Jane a while back and really love it- now you have me itching to do something with the leftover fabric I have!

  5. I so love it. I'm so crushing on your bunting. I really need to pull my finger out and make some for our house.

    Can I also say I approve whole heartedly of the AFL gnomes! ;)


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