Sunday, April 15, 2012

flowers frock

Do you ever have a sewing project that sits around unfinished for ever, with really very little left to do, and no excuse at all? (surely it's not just me!). And then when you finally finish it, you are so pleased and just kicking yourself for not getting it done sooner? This frock (it's definitely a frock) was one of those.

I started it at the end of September - as a try out ('wearable muslin', if you will) for the green spotty dress I made to wear to our friends' wedding (in fact you can see it in this blog post). I was in such a hurry to get the spotty dress done, that once I was happy it would fit ok I put it aside without finishing it.

At the start of March I was searching through my wardrobe, and fabric stash (maybe I could sew up something new over the long weekend?) for something to wear to my sister's engagement party, when I suddenly had a vague recollection of an almost finished frock. A bit of digging around (seriously - my sewing stuff is soooo unorganised, but that's a (boring) story for another day!) and, sure enough, there it was. All I needed to do was insert the zip, hem it, and fix up the straps (I had loads of trouble with the straps on both dresses - way to long!).

An evening's sewing, and taa-daa! a new frock:

Please ignore the funny light on my face, which is thanks to the lovely dappled sunshine in my garden! Do feel free to admire the camelias though!

The fabric is a lovely light cotton, and look - pockets! =)
I used bits of two patterns for these dresses - the skirt comes from Simplicity 2886 (which I also made into a spotty dress). I love this skirt and am sure this is not the last time I'll use it with a different bodice - the pleats sit nicely, and it is coomfy, and did I mention the pockets? The bodice is from New Look 6966 - which I had to size up (by about 1 size) and do a full bust adjustment on (you can read a bit more about that here if you're interested). 

 At the party - I may look like I am busting some excellent dance moves, but really I've cropped the pic to protect the innocent. Not that I don't have excellent and bustable moves.

I've been searching for a yellow cardi for ages, and found this one just the week before the party - I think it works perfectly with the dress!
I really am kicking myself for not finishing this sooner - it is lovely to wear, and maybe the fabric is more forgiving than the spotty green fabric the other dress is made up in, because I think this one is more flattering around the bust and waist.

I think this is a total winner (even if I do say so myself!).
Next up I'd actually like to recreate the dress my sister wore to the party (aren't they a gorgeous couple? =))

I ordered a couple of the Simplicity 'Amazing Fit' patterns this week, and I'm thinking maybe Simplicity 1800, which has the princess seams, sleeves, and lovely soft pleats in the skirt (and pockets, natch), but with the neckline from 1882, could be cute (mind you, the neckline from 1800 is super cute too!)



  1. Whoo hoo sexy lady in the florally frock with pockets!

    Can't wait for those patterns to arrive!

    And you're right - it amazing what we can find in the half-finished (or as I like to call it, the "half-arsed") pile, stick a zip in it, sew a hem and call it done!

    1. teehee i think 'half-arsed' is the perfect term for it!
      I'm so excited for the patterns - maybe we should have a simplicty 1800-along =)

  2. I love love love it! The fit is perfect and that pretty floral is amazing! But of course... you had me at pockets.

    1. Thanks Cam! The fabric was such a lucky score - I think it is the nicest print I have seen in either of our crafty chain stores in ages!

  3. It's a lovely new dress and fits you so well, you look lovely. I like the 1800 pattern too, I think it will be good for Spring later in the year here.


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