Tuesday, April 03, 2012

In April I am reading...

This should really be 'last month I was reading', because for once the reading is actually ahead of the blogging! A week and a bit ago I started reading the Hunger Games trilogy, and I am just loving them!

I hadn't really heard much about the books before, but a couple of weeks ago the trailer for the film was on, and as soon as it started I thought it looked brilliant, and decided I had to get my hands on the books. I almost bought them the next day, but I just had to have these exact covers, so decided to wait it out. A day or so later there they were on sale - and aren't they just gorgeous? =)

I started the first book the Sunday before last, and by that evening I was finished - I can't remember the last time I read an entire book in a day, but have found these so easy and enthralling that I didn't even notice. The second book, Catching Fire, I got through between the train and the plane on the weekend, and now I am trying to pace myself through the 3rd one =)

I think the feeling of the books is very like that of another favourite series of mine - John Marsden's Tomorrow series (which I re-read about 18 months ago) - with a similarly tough, smart, young woman as the main character, fighting to survive in a violent (and a bit gruesome sometimes) situation. And of course written for young people.

If you haven't checked these out, I can't recommend them enough - I really think they are amazing! I'm really looking forward to going to see the movie =) (maybe over the long weekend! =))

Once these are finished I have two options lined up for what to read next - I'm thinking either the Game of Thrones series (which I think everyone except me has read already!) or a couple of the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood (author of the Corina Chapman books I have been reading). There has been a series on the ABC of 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' based on the books that looks like lots of fun too. As always, any advice/ recommendations much appreciated!


A long weekend is just perfect for getting some reading done! What's on your list? Let us know in the comments, or leave a link if you post on your blog, to let every one know what you're up to and join our bloggy book club for April!!

Enjoy your reading!



  1. Agree, the Hunger Games are great books. Not sure I could stomach a movie though...

    1. yes - i have heard the movie is slightly less intense, but still pretty gruesome!

  2. I loved the Tomorrow When The War Began series too, but I felt so confronted by the film- although I enjoyed it. I am far less comfortable with violence in films than books apparently! Do read the Game of Thrones series, I really enjoyed them and the tv series is brilliant- obviously I cope better with violence when it is a fantasy setting :) I can't wait to read The Hunger Games, but have to wait for my Mother's Day Kindle...

  3. I started reading Game of Thrones when it first came out in 1996. Then it took so long between books that I lost the will to live. I do love it when you find series and you fall in love with it and just devour it. Happy days!!


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