Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lovely lace Sunday

When my dear friend Suzy Hausfrau announced she was organising a lace knitting workshop I was super excited to sign up - and on Sunday, when the day was finally here, I was so pleased that I did! It was lovely cool, foggy Canberra autumn weather - perfect for a whole day of knitting (and drinking tea!) with a group of lovely like-minded ladies, not to mention the amazing lunch spread Suzy put on for us! (Check it on on the Suzy Hausfrau blog!)

Miss Fee  was such a patient teacher as she took us through knitting up small samples of circular, square and triangle lace that got us using new skills like Emily Ocker's cast-on, the provisional crochet cast on (I never thought I would learn how to do this! It turned out to be much simpler than I thought!), reading charts as well as written instructions and a couple of different cast offs. It was really brilliant to have all these methods demonstrated, and as if the wonderful tutoring wasn't enough, Fiona also had a bunch of her own finished lace projects which were just GORGEOUS and super inspirational! Thanks so much for coming to teach us Fiona!

I really can't thank Suzy enough for organising the workshop - as well as being a lovely day out it was a great chance to try something new with my knitting, and the kind of opportunity that we don't come by often in Canberra! Thanks Suzy!


  1. thank you - I such a fun day with you all

  2. I'll keep spreading the love too...thanks!


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