Sunday, May 20, 2012

To market, to market

Tonight's slow cookerpalooza dish is paprika chicken (from Slow Cooker 2, natch), and its lesson is that slow cooked dishes aren't all that pretty, especially when viewed via grainy poorly lit photos taken with the iPhone. 
Lesson two however is that you shouldn't judge a slow cooked dish by its grainy poorly lit iPhone photo, as this was really delicious. We tweaked the recipe a little - using a full tin of tomatoes instead of a cup (to avoid leftovers) and adding wine instead of sherry (because we didn't have any). Both these changes worked perfectly, since we served it on pasta and they made it more pasta-saucey. I think lamb will always be my favourite slow cooked meat, but I do like the way the chicken breaks down. Also, Paprika is the first name of my favourite Danish actress.

I was super pleased this evening that we had cooked this up yesterday, firstly because slow cooked dishes do tend to taste even better the day after cooking, but also because I am a bit knackered after spending the day playing booth bitch stall hand for my friend Suzy Hausfrau at the Old Bus Depot Markets Celebration of Wool !

Of course my photos don't do it justice (are you sensing a theme here?), but the stall looked MAGNIFICENT! And obviously I wasn't the only one to think so - we were pretty super busy all day!

I was super lucky to get my hands on one of Michelle's lovely bags (she sold out by 11am!!!), but other than that managed to  restrain myself and only bought some of the amazing salty & sweet popcorn you can sometimes get at the markets. I even walked right on past the Fudge People (although this may have less to do with self restraint and more to do with memories of mum and I trying to get through about 2 kilos of the stuff in the few days between leaving York and getting on the plane to come home from our holiday last year!)

The best part (aside from hanging out with Suzy all day!) was meeting so many yarn enthusiasts, and of course admiring all the beautiful hand-knits!
Next year I'll have an iPad and be adding patterns to my Ravelry queue as they walk past! =)



  1. Thank you for buying one of my bags. I knew that was the one for you. Renae's stall looked amazing - those colours! Gorgeous!

  2. Next year we can stalk everyone with our ipads...we'll be better than BBs! Thanks again for your help, could not have done it without you. xo


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