slow cookerpalooza :: tex mex beef

We love mexican food. REALLY love it. So when we saw the tex mex beef recipe in Sally Wise's Slow Cooker 2, it went right to the top of the list of recipes to try.

Of all the recipes in the book this is probably the one with the longest list of ingredients,but I have quite a good spice collection (especially Mexican-y type spices), and only had to get beef, tomato paste and chocolate (!).
I added some left over corn, as well as frozen peas and spinach, which I add to most of my slow cooker dishes, just for extra veg.

We served it up as burritos, with rice and salsa and avocado, and it was DELICIOUS.



  1. Oh YUM! That looks so nice. I can almost smell it from here.

  2. ah! that looks so good!
    i mayyyyyy have bought that book yesterday based on your high recommendations of the first one :D and i'm going to be making this tomorrow night!!
    i made the stuffed tomatoes this morning for lunch today, so good!
    can't wait to see what else you make!

  3. Oh I looked at this recipe and wondered whether it was any good. I'm totally adding it to the list of must tries.

  4. I must buy that. I bought Sweet and the Gluten/Dairy free books. Yum, your tex mex looks delicious. She does tend to have long ingredient lists!!!


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