Weekend in pics

Boringest blog title ever, right? Whatevs - here's my weekend in pictures!

We slow cookered on Friday night, since I worked from home and also the guy was away from Saturday morning til Sunday arvo. This week was Lamb Rogan Josh*. I was a bit disappointed that my yoghurt split, and I think I may have over done it with the cardamom, but tasty none the less! The rice looks a bit fancy, but is just done in the rice cooker, with a bit of turmeric chucked in the water, and some fennel & cumin seeds, then slivered almonds stirred through at the end (love a bit of crunch!)

There was quite a bit of knitting on the travelling woman shawl, after spending the whole week honey cowling (incidentally, on Thursday a colleague and I were knitting together at lunchtime and someone thought I was knitting a COW!)
I was a little bit cheeky with the traveling woman, trying to squeeze out an extra repeat of chart A, since I still had a third of my yarn left when I was ready to go on to chart B, but it just disappeared! The thing about triangle shawls, I guess, is that the rows just get longer and longer (and longer!). I started weighing my yarn after each row, and I was going to be short by about 8 grams, so I pulled back to my lifeline (hurrah) and now just have about 8 more rows to go! Stay tuned!

I finally got around to tidying my dining sewing table enough that there was enough space to get this baby out of the box! I haven't actually plugged it in yet, but have had a read of the book, and practised opening and closing everything! Ha! I'll have to get it going this weekend, now that I have my first project organised... =)

Sunday arvo was Brown Owls, and lovely Danielle taught us a clever method for needle turn applique. Just look at her work! (and do check out her beautiful blog to see more!)

It was a wonderful afternoon - there was quite a group of us (in fact, for the first time ever I think we might have been noisy enough to drown out the noise from the kids' drama group next door).
I'm so enamoured with Danielle's work that  now I'm completely obsessed with doing a project myself - I think I'll start with something smaller like a cushion cover though!



  1. I have heaps of applique patterns perfect for a block or a cushion cover. For a few years I did a monthly Block of the Month applique class. Will track them down sometime and show you, if you're interested.

    Looks like a pretty superb weekend to me!


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