Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm not going to lie - there hasn't been any non-hexy sewing round these parts for ages (like since at least June - probably longer).

I did, on Friday, finally finish up some bandana bibs though. These guys had been sitting in a little pile patiently waiting for their snaps to be attached for quite some time. (I think I used this pattern & tutorial)

I still think bibs are just about some of the cutest handmade baby gear out there - the sewing equivalent of tiny knitted baby socks. Once things settle a bit I must have a bib sewapalooza weekend so that I have a bunch ready for pressies.

Of course bibs are also an excuse to use one of my favourite crafty toys tools - my snap press! The snaps look so lovely all lined up in their boxes, and I get to use an Allen key ;0)



  1. they certainly do look lovely in their boxes :D
    looks like good fun!

    ps. hexy bibs? just sayin ;)

  2. Eeeeek! Now that I've seen that I have to get out my snap stash and put it into a pretty container too.

  3. Oh cool. I have a baby shower coming up I need to make something for. Very cute.


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