Loads going on at work and home at the moment (rather too much of the at home goings on are worky, sadly!).

Last weekend we popped in to the craft show and quilt fair for a spot of shopping, but mostly to see Michelle and Angie's fabulous quilts hanging in the exhibition (click to pop over and see their blog posts with quilty pics) =) It was very exciting and I'm super proud of them both!

As far as shopping, perhaps we've lost our minds but after seeing the special exhibition of Mrs Billings Coverlet quilts at the craft fair in Melbourne my aunt and I have decided to give it a go so I picked myself up the pattern at the Somerset Patchwork & Quilting stand. There are 16 templates included!

Whilst being super busy, a lot of the work stuff has been challenging in a good way - lots of opportunity to learn, which is one of the things I love about my job. I spent Monday at a training day in Sydney which meant a super early flight, but I did manage to get a window seat which kinda made up for it =)
Of course the other excitement this week was the snow in Canberra on Friday morning. We do have snow very occasionally - I think it has been 7 years since the last time. It fell in big fat wet flakes that melted and splatted on the ground and was utterly unphotographable as far as I was concerned - although others had some luck (check out some pics here and here and here)

I have a few other homey/bakey/crafty/gardeny bits that I hope I'll have time to share soon =)



  1. You got the Mrs Billings!! I'm soooo tempted...

  2. It was so good to see you both! Thank you for being proud of me (I'm proud of me too).

    I was tempted by Mrs Billings, but I have Lancaster on my to-do list and that is more than enough project, thank you very much! I did get the Circle of Friends pattern from Somerset though. That was a beauty!


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