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Since the very start of my hexy mf I've been banging on about needing yellow, or more yellow, or something yellower for the hexy flower centres - I just love yellow and couldn't imagine making such a big, flowery project without a good deal of yellow!

I've tried a couple of fabrics - the one I've used a few times is ok, another one I bought online was just too green.
This afternoon the posty delivered the most recent candidate - and you know I think it is just perfect!

I haven't hexy mf-ed for a little while, having been waiting out this yellow dilemma, but I think it might be on now - I can see a hexy mf-athon unfolding this weekend ;0)



  1. I like this yellow fabric very much. It's mustardy and will go beautifully with that lovely blue print you have.

  2. Sometimes I wonder whether my yellow craze over the last couple of years is actually influenced by you.

    I think it might be.

    I'm not complaining - I like having yellow in my life!

    (Love this yellow so very much)


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