Tuesday, October 30, 2012


To help us along with our travel journal writing I've decided to have some pages prepared with prompts ready to fill in, and some pages that are just a bit prettied as well as the blank pages we'll take.

Last week when I posted I had been doing a bit of the 'prettying' with stamps and punches, and since then I've spent a bit (ok a lot ;0)) of time checking out some scrapbooky blogs for inspiration.

One of the things I love is how people use washi tape. I popped onto the Scrapbook Store website just to get just a roll of blue & red stripes. Then, well, I guess it's possible that I maybe went overboard  ;0)

It's just all so cute!



  1. oh so jelly! i LOVE me some washi tape :D
    can't wait to see those pretty pages when you get back!

  2. But if you take all that washi tape, you won't have any room for your knickers!! ;)


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