Creative space :: quad

Work is super busy just now, so I'm trying to balance it out with as much creativity as possible at home =)

I actually kind of have four crafty things on the go at the moment!

I finished the first block of my 2013 woodland sampler this week!
It is so cute, and I just can't wait until February!

I'm working on another Stitchy project that I'm not ready to share, but the floss is gorgeous =)

This little hexy piece is something I've been working on for ages, and I'm so determined to finish it in the next week or so! I took advantage of some of the (marginally) cooler weather we had this week to finish off the hand quilting, so I think I just need to trim & bind and I'm done!

I've also signed up for another round of Angie's scrap vomit swap! I took part in the swap Angie organised last year, and thought it was super fun - and how cool to make a quilt with little bits of fabric from the other side of the world! Between the 6 packs I received in last years swaps, and the 5 I'll get this time, plus the squares I've cut to send and extras from swaps with friends, I must nearly have enough for the scrap vomit quilt A blocks. Next I'll have to decide on colours for the B blocks!

What's happening in your creative space this week?
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