In January I am reading

This month we're both reading books we picked up on our holiday=)

We're both reading the Hobbit - S reads a couple of chapters, then hands it over for me to catch up. We are hoping to get through it by the weekend and then go to see the film

I'm also reading this book about the Borgias - I LOVE the tv series and had been looking for ages for a book, so I was super excited to see this (and the day after I finished Wolf Hall!) at one of the lovely big bookshops we visited in London.

The book is really interesting - the stories are put together using bits and pieces written about the Borgias at the time.

I'd love to hear what everyone else is reading - do leave a comment to let me know, or link to your blog if you're posting about what you're reading too =)



  1. I'm reading Kaffe Fassett's autobiography! It's just fascinating.

    The Hobbit was required year 8 reading at my school and I remember absolutely loving it!

  2. The Hobbit is one of my favourite books ever and the film is brilliant. I must check out The Borgias, after I finish Bring up the Bodies- the second book in the Wolf Hall trilogy. Enjoy the film!


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