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I've really got back into cross stitch this year after hardly doing any for so so long, and it is largely thanks to the clever girls at the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. All their patterns are so cute that I can't say no to buying them and then I just can't put them down! The motifs are pretty small and quick to sew up so you really feel like you're achieving something, rather than working on a project forever.

woodland sampler :: April showers
It started with the kawaii winter wonderland sampler, which I saw so many gorgeous pictures of on Instagram throughout December, and then I jumped at the chance to sign up for the Monthly Woodland Sampler.

 floss is so pretty!

This month Amanda and Ashleigh are doing a Springtime sampler, with 5 little designs released each Monday for 5 weeks. I wasn't actually planning on joining up, but then my sister (who is also doing the woodland sampler with me) was doing it, and did I want to do it too?, and it does count down to my birthday (25th =)) AND of course it is to die for cute, so how could I say no? =)

So this week I've been on the couch in front of the TV trying to catch up on the frames before I start the designs - although I think this time around I might not wait til they're all done =)

frametastic :: 7 down, 18 to go!

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Ps I just noticed this is my 950th blog post! Wowsers!


  1. wowsers! that is a lot of blog posts! congratulations!
    can't wait to see what goes in those squares!


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