Friday, April 12, 2013

In April I am reading...

March and April are looking good as far as reading goes!

First (towards the start of March) I found Anne Rice's latest, The Wolf Gift, on super sale - it was just the thing for the plane train plane plane bus train train bus plane of our two recent trips to Melbourne, and I finished it over the Easter weekend.

Whilst I enjoyed it, and it was nice to see Rice back into the supernatural-y horror-y kind themes that first got me hooked on her writing, it wasn't her best ever. It will be the first in "The Wolf Gift Chronicles" though, and I think it might sit better as an introductory book for the series than it does alone.

Then I discovered the joys of ebooks, when I came across a link on twitter for a free download of the 'young adult' supernatural-y novel Spellbound. I wasn't sure how I'd go with reading on the screen, but I actually found it so handy to have right there with me and got through so quickly!
The book was pretty good - like I said I read it pretty quickly. It was a little bit cliched and predictable but still enjoyable - better than twilight but not as good as the hunger games =)

As soon as I finished I went searching for more downloads (did you know you can 'borrow' ebooks from your local library? Mind blown!) and downloaded a free book each from kobo and the iBooks store.

I've already finished one - Bound, which is the first in the Crystor series, and again young adult super natural-y (I do love my young adult fiction! And teen movies too!).
I also found this engaging enough to read quickly, but maybe not as good as Spellbound (still better than twilight though haha).

Next up on my iPad is another one that sounds like a sophisticated read (haha) - Vampire University.
I've also had some books I ordered online arrive this week, including one novel: The Quilter's Apprentice, the first in the Elm Creek Quilts series.

I'd love to hear about what everyone else is reading - to join in with our bloggy book club you can leave a message in the comments about what you're reading, or post about it on you blog and let us know in the comments to pop over and check it out.

Given my new ebook obsession I'm especially interested to know everyone's favourite place to find ebooks.
Ooh, and I've also just joined good reads and am keen to know who else uses it and what you think - or if you use some other similar social networky kind of site to keep track of what you're reading, see reviews and find your next read?


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