Quilter's block

I kind of think I've talked here before about process versus product crafting, and how I am for sure a process person - I love being busy making things, but have less interest in the finished product. This is why I only ever knit one sock, and why I have projects sitting around just needing a button, or a zip, or blocking to finish them off. I'm most likely to finish something if it is a gift for someone else, or I want to wear it the next day.

I spend a lot of time talking about quilts and fabric, so I think some people have been a bit surprised to hear that I have never finished a quilt top bigger than baby quilt sized.

My relationship with making quilts has gone through some definite phases.
First up - collecting fabric. For ages - seriously, years - I have been collecting quilting fabric. It turns out I'm really good at fabric shopping ;o)

Scrap vomit & quilty helpers =)

Until pretty recently I was too scared to cut into my fabric (this fact didn't stop me from buying more fabric, mind you - like I said, the shopping has never been a problem!). I think this changed when I cut into a fat quarter bundle to make the two baby quilts I took as gifts on my trip to Denmark last year. Once it clicked for me that I can cut up fabric and put it together to make something I like even more, all I want to do is cut and sew everything in my stash.

So it's totally weird, but now I'm stuck on the next step. I'm really excited about making quilt blocks, but not really motivated to piece the blocks together and make tops (and let's not even talk about basting, quilting and binding!).  Right now in my sewing space I have blocks for 3 different quilts waiting to be pieced (plus one finished top -  a gift for someone else!).

please excuse the dodgy photo - it's hard to get the whole thing in the shot!

In the name of motivating me past my quilter's block (haha get it?) today I took a big, exciting step - I've booked the scrap vomit quilt in for quilting. Then it's going in the Canberra Quilter's exhibition. Eeep.
 I've got til the end(ish) of May to get this baby pieced. And I'm kind of excited - wish me luck (even better, wish me motivation ;o))!



  1. You're popping your quilt finishing cherry! I'm so proud of you! Hanging in the show with you will be amazing.

    And this quilt is just so spectacular! I love it more than I love my own.

  2. Wowser! This quilt is mammoth and awesome! You're so ready for the next step :D

  3. I cannot wait! Seriously think I'm more excited about seeing yours finished then I am about getting my own finished! You know this is only the beginning of even bigger quilting things! I'm yet to finish a quilt by myself, so I completely understand (and appreciate the pun) quilters block - but you've inspired me - this year I will finish ONE quilt all by myself! :)


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