Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Canberra Brown Owls Blog

logo by Mikaela @ Danvers Creative

It's no secret how much I love my Brown Owls friends - setting up a Canberra group was probably the second best thing that has ever happened to help me embrace my creative side (the first best is my mum, to whom I will forever and ever be grateful for being such a fabulous crafty role model and inspiring me and my sisters since we were teeny tiny).

This evening we launched (haha that makes it sound a bit grander than the reality) a Canberra Brown Owls blog, which we're hoping will be a place for all our owly friends to share projects and inspiration, and to keep up on all the ace crafty goings on in Canberra. Do pop over and check it out if you're interested =)

Speaking of ace crafty goings on in Canberra, this weekend is the first Mega Crafty Day, organised by my friends at Canberra Creatives. I'll be there representing Canberra Brown Owls and demonstrating the lovely and addictive art of english paper piecing (or spreading 'hexy-fever', depending how you look at it ;o)). The flyer is available over here if you'd like more info =)


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  1. Of course it was a fancy launch! You were probably in your Hawthorn PJs and I was toasting the new log with some tasty sloe gin. Cheers to the new venture!


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