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The weather has really turned autumn-wintry all of a sudden in canberra - most of the trees have dropped their gorgeous fiery leaves to the ground, and the days have been really cold this week.

I might be addicted to my new photo app - A Beautiful Mess

The cooler weather has many of us seasonal knitters thinking seriously about pulling out the sticks - and spending far too much time clicking around on Ravelry trying to match up our favourite pattern with a perfect yarn (or vice versa!)

Last year I made myself a honey cowl, which I started in May and finally got around to finishing on our holiday in the UK in late November. I've been wearing it every single day the last two or so weeks, and love it so much that I'm keen to add another cowl (or two) to my wardrobe.

My Honey Cowl in action - riding on the York Wheel
I'm currently trying to decide between Purl Soho's Big Herringbone and the Cupido Cowl.

1. Whit's Knits: Big Herringbone Cowl, 2. Cupido Cowl
I'm not completely decided about which yarn I'll use yet, but there will be plenty of opportunity to squeeze a few contender on Sunday since the end of autumn in Canberra also means that it is time for the Old Bus Depot Markets annual Celebration of Wool. I had so much fun with my friend Suzy Hausfrau last year that I'll be there helping her out again this time.

 And, given both the cowls on my lust list call for worsted weight yarn, I won't be surprised if some of this gorgeous Swans Island worsted in oatmeal comes home with me =)




  1. The Big Herringbone Cowl is absolutely fab! I knitted it up in a beautiful thistle colour and am wearing it all the time. So lovely!

    1. Just checked it out on your blog - looks amazing! I can't believe that was your first project!

  2. Love your cowl, it looks perfectly snuggly and warm!!!


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