Sunday, December 01, 2013

December 1 :: advent

Hooray for the first day of December, AND the first Sunday of advent!

As in previous years we were super excited to head out to the Scandinavian Australian Association's Christmas Bazaar. We always look forward to the Danish pastries they sell there, and of course a lovely sparkly advent calendar. I'm always surprised at how it's practically impossible to get this kind of advent calendar anywhere - everything these days is chocolate, and most of them are pictures of something/someone trademarked!

This year we went with this lovely tall treehouse, covered in glittery snow =)

We always like to choose something with a few kittens on it 

Being the first Sunday of advent I also put together a very simple "adventskrans". 
Is really isn't quite a wreath, but I think 1 little candle is enough to get the hygge of "julestemning" across in the Australian summer =)

Happy December everyone!

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