Taadaa :: Little coffee bean cardi

The Old Bus Depot Market celebration of wool was held yesterday, and it was just the motivation I needed to finally sew the buttons on miss A's little coffee bean cardi - I couldn't take a baby to wool day without a hand knit after all!


I am pretty pleased with how this came our! It fits her well and is cosy and, and I love the colours (both are Cleckheaton country). I did have a few issues as I was knitting though - one being my near incompetence with picking up stitches, and the other that the sleeves came out fat on the first go. In the end I put this down to my gauge being different in the round on dpns than flat - I have never noticed this before, even though I've made a couple of cardis like this so it was a bit puzzling. I fixed it by going down a needle size for the sleeves, and then I think again for the cuffs. In any case, I think they turned out ok, and after a close inspection miss A seemed happy enough too

I found some perfect little buttons at spotlight when I was visiting with my mum - purple stripes! I have navy blue stripes for the other little coffee bean cardi I'm working on too. Mum bought some really cute ones too, pink with brightly coloured confetti sprinkles - they were a great match for a little pink vest she was knitting.

Overall this was a quick and fun knit. My only reservation about knitting it again would be that I'm not sure whether I like the high crew neck - I did find that it sits a bit funny under her little chin. If you hang out on ravelry you can see my project here, with the usual details and a couple more pics.

I have already moved on to the next knitting project - the milo vest by Tikki Knits - and hopefully will have something to share on that soon =)



  1. It looks so good on her, and I love the buttons. I've always wondered about those high necks on so many baby patterns - why aren't there more v-necks?


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