Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finish it :: Ella Funt

I absolutely love starting new craft projects, so it is no big surprise that I have 'works in progress', or unfinished projects all over the place. (Incidentally, is there a difference between something in progress and something that's unfinished? I don't know. In progress sounds better. In any case, I have loads of them.) So this year I've been trying to dedicate Fridays to finishing projects that have been hanging about for a while.

This week's project is the Ella Funt cardi, which I'm making for Amelia using some gorgeous hand dyed yarn I bought in a kit from the lovely happy spider fibre arts. It's working up to a gorgeous fabric, and I think it will be super cute. I knit up the body over Easter, then set it aside to work on other things. Since picking it up again during the week I've managed to finish one sleeve, and about halfway through the other. I'm looking forward to seeing how joining the sleeves to the body works, and of course to knitting the fair isle yoke.

You can find my Ella Funt on ravelry here.





  1. The colours are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the elephants appear!

  2. I love fair isle - that is what I would knit if I had any time.

    I bumped into Michelle and she told me you are home for a bit? I'd love to pop over for a coffee if you have time one Mon or Tue. I'd have to bring Ms 4 as well, so it might be a quick trip. let me know if you're keen. We could bring lunch/morning tea. Cass

  3. Holy moly this will be the cutest cardi ever!
    Totally agree with you on those 'in progress' projects. In progress sounds like you're just taking a pause instead of having forgotten about them and moving onto something more fun ha ha!


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