I've had lots of crafty projects on the go this weekend, so I thought I'd share what I got up to.

I had an excellent candidate for 'finish it friday' this week: a stack of about 15 bandana bibs I sewed up maybe as long as a year ago, which have been waiting in a pile just for the snaps to be attached (which is a super simple job considering I have a snap press!)

During the week I was talking to a friend who happened to mention she was looking for bandana bibs for her drooly little guy - just the thing I needed to get me to pull out the bibs and snap machine and finish them up so I could drop off a few for her yesterday. They are cotton on one side and flannelette on the other, and do an even better job than I expected.

I can't remember if I've talked about the Aussie modern insta-bee I'm sewing along with this year? In any case, we are organised in groups (hives) of 12, and each month you make one quilt block for someone and receive one from someone else. I'm loving it! This month I was a assigned to make the 'stacked windmills' block in navy, red, and white. I'm really pleased with how it come out - my points are even pointy!

My Ella Funt cardi also received some attention over the weekend. There are now elephants marching around the yoke, and I am now a bit further along than shown in the photo here - I have almost finished the colour work, after which there is just the ribbed collar and then the button bands (I despise adding button bands!)

I also managed to get the binding and a label on my happy herringbone quilt, and even went out for a photoshoot today! That means it is all finished! I'll share all the details and proper photos soon (there's a sneak peek on my Instagram feed - @kraftykuka - if you can't wait), but for now here are a couple of shots I took while stitching on the couch.


I think that's pretty good progress on a good variety of projects this weekend - and it feels fantastic to get some things finished =)




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