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I have quite a few quilts in progress at either the finished top or finished block stage - a product of the time that passed between me being confident and comfortable enough to cut into my beloved fabrics and then being brave enough to take that next step of quilting them. A couple of weeks ago I basted and quilted this one, the today is your day quilt, and this weekend attached the binding. I am absolutely the slowest binding sewer down in the world, so several two nights on the couch still has me only about halfway around. But that's ok with me - I find it therapeutic carefully making my way around the quilt - folding and wonder-clipping, fussing with each corner to try and get the mitre just right, and, in this case, admiring the perfect spottiness (no, not snottiness, but thanks autocorrect) of the binding (I do adore spots and stripes for binding!). I'm hoping to be ready to give this quilt to a friend on the weekend, so for now I'm just enjoying our evenings together =)





  1. Gotta love autocorrect! Any hand stitching is so very pleasant. I'm a little lost if I don't have some sort of hand stitching to work on. Lovely spotted binding.

  2. Gosh I can't wait to see this whole quilt! Love the spotty-not-snotty binding and how therapeutic you find the process. Keep enjoying it!

    (Also super proud of you that you are quilting your own quilts now - I don't think I've told you that before. It's a big step! And you are doing it beautifully!)

  3. It's always good to cut into those too precious to use fabrics (says she who can't bring herself to do it...) ;) Thanks for linking up xx


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