Tuesday, October 07, 2014

In October I am reading..

...and reading and reading and reading. Because last weekend I finally decided I needed a Kindle.

Now, I love books - I will always love books. I love holding them, flick from one spot to another, the feel and smell of the paper. There will always be books that I buy hard copies of, to hold and to share and to admire on our shelves. But I also love to read, and over the last little while it has become clear that there were a few things holding back my reading that could be solved by getting into eBooks.

I have written before about how I love reading young adult fiction, and there is so so much around at the moment. The books are quick to read and few of them are 'stand alone' - everything is part of a series. And there is a lot more out there I'd like to read than I can find at my local library or bookstore. Take the Shadow Hunters books. There are 6 books in the mortal instruments series and 3 in the internal devices. The stories are so quick to read that even with only an hour or so a day to read they didn't take more than a week each. Each book is about 5cm wide and if I'm lucky I might get them for $10 each. That's nearly half a metre and nearly $100 for just a couple of weeks of reading entertainment. Suddenly I sound like the economists I work with, but I had really started to think that way, and to feel guilty about the idea of 'wasting' our money and space on books that I would burn through so quickly. I have also realised that while I have been wishing for more time to read, I have been wasting lots of time playing bubble games etc on my phone while I sit under a sleeping baby. With an eReader I can choose books that cost only a few dollars and they aren't taking any space at all and it is just as easy to manage with one hand as a phone! Win win win win =) Now I just wish I'd done it sooner!

So, what have I been reading? I've hopped straight into that young adult fantasy pulp fiction.

  • Beyond Our Stars has a very Divergent feel, and maybe a bit of the 100, and is about humans who have landed on a new planet they hope to colonise after the destruction of the earth.
  • Stolen Songbird is about a young women kidnapped by trolls in the hope she can break a curse cast on them by a witch. It took me a little while to get into this one, but by the end I was quite hooked, and now I can't wait for the sequel to come out next year.
  • Next up I'm reading the Throne of Glass books - a series of 3 about a female assassin.

As always, I'd love to hear about what you're reading, and if you have any recommendations. Also, I've updated my Good Reads account, and would love to connect with you if you're interested!





  1. did you know there are ebook libraries?

  2. Try Queen of the Tearling next! No-one else I know has read it and I need to discuss it with someone!

    1. Oooh great! That's on my list - I nearly got it instead of this one!


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