What's in your... Book pile?

Today the lovely guys at The Makers' Collective are asking us join in their new link up by sharing what's in our book pile. Here's mine:

All the way underneath there is the October issue of the Simple Things magazine. I love these magazines and have a subscription that is almost finished, which is a bit sad but I just don't really get a chance to read them.

Next are a few kiddy things - a finger food recipe book for babies/toddlers, since miss A thinks eating off a spoon is, well, for babies; The Tales of Beedle the Bard - we've been reading this together, a chapter every few days; and two of our favourites - Where is the Green Sheep? and the Very Hungry Catepillar. We have two copies of each of these two so we keep one copy on my bedside table to read in the morning.

Then my current novel (and cute kitty bookmark!), the Vampire Lestat - book #2 in the Vampire Chronicles series, the first being Interview with the Vampire (and oooh, I just saw a rumour that they are having another crack at making this into a film). I decided to reread the series from the start when I heard a new book in the series was being released this month (maybe today I think?) - Prince Lestat.

I also have my diary/planner nearby - I'm trying to be more disciplined in using it because I am so unorganised - and my Kindle too. I have a couple of books loaded on there to read when I'm done with my vampires =)

If you want to join in the fun and share what's in your book pile make sure you pop over to the Makers' Collective to link up, and to have a sticky beak at everyone else's book piles too =)